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ZipCloud Review

Company: ZipCloudv

Website: www.ZipCloud.com

Service: Online Cloud Backup Service.



Data stored in computers and on laptops can now be secured for future use in case of a computer crash or loss by any other means. The data is secured thanks to an online storage service, so you don’t have to worry about loss of data any more.

Cloud storage is a much safer way to store data compared to flash disks and hard drives which may be lost or damaged due to poor handling or natural disasters. This is why more individuals and businesses are turning to online storage for all of their sensitive data.

Zipcloud Features


Free plan and low cost paid monthly plan

Zipcloud is guaranteed to provide efficient and effective online data management at an affordable rate. Subscribers have the option to choose one of two service packages offered, either having the free service or by paying a monthly subscription of about $3.65. This is within the reach of many and given the option to terminate the contract at any time, it is virtually risk free.


For subscribers who pay the monthly fee, Zipcloud offers unlimited online back up storage. The offer is quite irresistible as you never have to worry about what to backup and what to leave out. It’s quite simple, you can back up everything and enjoy access to the data at any time.

An average of 3 to 4 GB can be uploaded daily with no restrictions on users with a reliable internet connection. Data that is over and above the limit may take hours or even weeks, depending on the volume being uploaded. All in all the figures are way above those offered by other companies.

File Access

Zipcloud also offers the ability to access the data uploaded from a remote location. This enables you to access the uploaded files from any where using the online web portal. Even better, remote downloads can be made from any mobile devices that can provide internet access such as smartphones and tablets, as long as there is a steady internet connection.

Sync Files

The Zipcloud account dashboard makes it easy to upload items into a sync folder. Gone are the days of sharing pictures, documents or even music with friends or colleagues via email. A dashboard account, characteristic of many cloud service providers makes sharing quick and easy – you never have to attach an item to each recipient’s mail. A sync folder can easily be set up and uploaded with material that is accessible to multiple users. Additionally, clients can access the folder from any device with internet access, thereby saving time and energy.

You do not need to be tech savvy to use the software; everything is easy, straightforward and simple. For instance, adding a file into a sync folder is a simple by drag and drop process. The folder is automatically updated to the Zipcloud server. Once a file if fully uploaded, its indicated by a circle with a green circle inside, so you know for sure the upload was a success.


One other important consideration for cloud service providers is the security of data uploaded onto their servers. This is very important to clients since some information, especially from companies and private institutions is confidential, making the users question the privacy of their data. To ease your conscience, Zipcloud assures that each and every file you upload to their servers cannot be accessed without authorization. Files are placed in remote servers to reduce chances of theft or damage.

In order to assure customers of the security and privacy of their data, service providers such as Zipcloud encrypt all the data that is on their servers for enhanced security. Moreover, air tight measures have been put in place to lock out any unauthorized personnel from gaining access to information.

With the use of world renowned secure storage servers, the ‘Amazon S3 Storage’ servers, Zipcloud guarantees the safety and privacy of data being uploaded onto their servers. A further safety measure is the use of 256-bit AES encryption to send and receive files. This means that even the best hackers are not able decode any of the information being transferred to Zipcloud or restored back to your computer.

Customer Support

Another area where Zipcloud outshines other online storage service providers is with their customer service. They provide around the clock technical support for paid members and excellent customer support via a hotline for all others. You can check on billing, orders, sales as well as cancellation, plus live chat help service.

A well-illustrated pdf guide of how to set up the system is also available for download. The guides are extremely detailed, articulate and integrated with screenshots of the desktop program including step by step instructions, making everything like a walk in the park on a summer’s day.

As is a vital component of any good service provider, Zipcloud’s Website has numerous self-help articles that answer frequently asked questions. There is a page that is solely dedicated for password recovery as this has become a common problem given the variety of subscriptions that people make every day. If you have a particular issue you are looking for, you can find a answer easily with the search-able knowledge base.


1. No dedicated mobile phone apps have been developed yet.

2. Syncing files can be quite time consuming.


Zipcloud is clearly heading in the right direction towards achieving success and growth in the huge cloud service industry because of the high quality service they offer. Their innovative ideas to improve their product in the market will be a great move towards even better services in the future.

All things considered, Zipcloud’s simple approach and desire to maximize customer satisfaction by meeting their needs, places it among the top online storage service providers. The company has a bright future ahead of it and an excellent track record so far, which means it deserves a big nine out of ten for a great product at a great price.

For further information, visit ZipCloud.com.

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