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SugarSync Review

Company: SugarSync

Website: www.SugarSync.com

Service: Online Cloud Backup

SugarSync is an online storage service provider that gives you a full 5 GB free space to use for as long as you like. The service lets you access, sync and share your files across all of your computers and mobile devices, so you can easily back up, sync and share any documents, photos, music and movies. All of your valuable data is never more than a few clicks away, no matter where you happen to be at the time.


Cloud computing is the perfect solution to the age old problem – computer crashes. SugarSync is steadily growing as a respectable storage provider, offering a number of packages to suit any online storage requirements. Despite being fairly new to the game, the company is quickly becoming quite popular amongst consumers looking for a cost-effective and easy to use file backup system.

Features of SugarSync


Free Plan

You can try SugarSync for free to see if it is the right online storage service provider for your needs. On the comparison chart you can see how their services stack up against the competition. The first thing you will notice is the generous 5 GB of free space. Many companies offer free space to entice new customers to try their services, but few give a full 5 GB.

Paid subscriptions all have a 30 day free trial:

• Home plans range from $4.99 per month for 30 GB, to $24.99 per month for 250 GB.

• Business plans start at 100 GB for 3 users for $29.99 per month. You can add more users and increase your storage space at any time. Additional features of the business plan include live phone support at no extra charge and an administration dashboard which allows managers to control all aspects of user accounts and file management.

Easy to Use

SugarSync provides extensive documentation to help you understand how to use the program. Luckily, you don’t need to read through all of this. The system is as easy as it gets. Simply download the application on any operating system and the task manager guides you through the rest of the process. You are up and running in no time.


The initial backup can take hours to complete, at a rate of about 1 GB per hour. This means the time it takes to backup your files will depend on the amount of data you have and your internet connection speed. You can still use your computer normally during this process, if you wish, you won’t waste valuable time waiting for the data to backup.

Backup Status

The default settings have SugarSync target the main folders such as ‘My Documents’ and ‘Desktop’ to backup. But, you can change these settings or add more files if you have enough storage space. The backups are performed automatically, so you never have to worry about forgetting to back up new files or file changes. Up to 5 older file versions are saved.

Remote Access

Files can accessed remotely on any computer with an internet connection, an also from mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Kindle Fire.

Sharing Files

SugarSync gives you many file sharing options. You can share as many files as you like, for either public or private distribution. The people you share with don’t need a SugarSync account and you can deny access at any time. This new feature also allows you to share files via Twitter and Facebook.

With the Outlook Plugin you can also share files with Outlook and eliminate the problems often encountered when you try to send files by email.


SugarSync transfers all files safely over a secure TLS (SSL 3.3) encryption. The SSL encryption employs a cryptographic algorithm and private keys known only by the account holder. SSL certificates are a secure method for data transfer to prevent hackers and their bots from seeing your private files.

Further security measures include password protection and permission settings so you have complete control over who is, and who is not allowed to view or edit your files.

Sync to Multiple Devices

You can sync your files across all of your PC computers, Macs and mobile devices. You have control over which files are synced and to which devices. This lets you work on files from any where, even if your other computers use a different operating system. And eliminates the need for carrying data around in flash drives or external hard drives which can be lost or stolen. You just save your files in the Magic Briefcase and then access them from anywhere.

Customer Support

The dedicated team of SugarSync professionals deliver first-rate customer support quickly and efficiently. SugarSync Business account holders are given priority service and unlimited phone support. Personal plan account holders have unlimited help via live chat and email. The web site is also filled with all sorts of self help options like informative articles, a comprehensive knowledge base, a community forum and large FAQ section. You are also given access to a variety of user manuals in the form of pdf files, a quick start guide and a complete overview of how the system works.


• You don’t have the option of doing a manual backup.

• Open files are not synced so you always have to close the file first which can be bothersome, especially when working with Outlook because you may need to have your email open.

• There currently isn’t any support for external hard drives or mapped drives.

The Bottom Line

Overall, SugarSync is a fantastic online storage service provider. The file syncing across multiple devices is very handy, the prices are great, the customer support is top notch, and the ease of use is perfect for even the most novice user. SugarSync really is a one-stop shop that gives you the best features you can get from a cloud computing service. The generous 5 GB free storage plan is the perfect way to give the company a try and see if it delivers as promised.

For further information, visit SugarSync.com.

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