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MyPCBackup Review

Company: MyPCBackup

Website: www.MyPCBackup.com

Service: Online Cloud Backup Service.

Data storage is a vital component that individuals and bues try to make sure is handled in the best way possible. Many times due to a list of problems ranging from a hard drive crash, a file being deleted accidentally, or data being corrupted we lose valuable information. This leaves many of us in a state of despair, not knowing where to begin, in recovering the file.

This is where MyPcBackUp comes in; it is a reliable online data backup service that ensures that users no longer experience these problems.


MyPCBackup was developed by a UK based company known as Just Develop It. The company came up with an effective solution to the rampant problems faced by a majority of computer users. It has been received well by the general public because of its features, and more people are opting to use this service to backup their data.

The Product

The company has adapted some facilities in its product that are meant to make its services more favorable to the clients. You can backup data as well as sync at their servers. The two have been made in a way that one service does not compromise on the quality of the other. You are assured of a reliable backup service that is safe.

Synchronization between computers is simple and the concept can easily be grasped by any user. It is easy because you just have to select the folder or document that is to be shared, drag it to the sync folder then drop it. The rest will be handled automatically by the system.

Clients can also schedule backups depending on the time that one uses the computer or the time that they want the computer to be saving their files. The system will do the process repeatedly. This service relieves you of the cumbersome task of having to back up data manually each time a project is done.

You are assured of the safety of the documents stored in the system. No one who is not permitted by a user can access the files. It allows the sharing of documents and things like photos with friends, family and workmates. It makes use of the social media applications so you can easily access your clients, family members, friends and even colleagues. Some of the popular media outlets used are Facebook and Twitter.

Key Features

The system has an advanced file versioning system, which stores the previous file versions by default for up to 7 days. The number of days the system continues to save the files is up to the user. There is often an extension of 30 days but it can also be set to an unlimited number of days. This feature has proved to be highly beneficial to clients who may have misplaced documents by making simple errors such as deleting them accidentally, or saving the wrong file.

Most companies that offer backup services to the clients usually have a set amount of storage space, which is allocated to each individual or business. This acts as a limiting factor to most users as they have to constantly choose what they want most and delete files constantly, so that they do not use up all their space. MyPcBackUp guarantees you unlimited storage space.

Another major beneficial advantage of this system is the flexibility you have. You can access important information from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet. You just have to log into the system and within seconds important documents can be retrieved. This is a major aspect that is preferred by many people, especially businessmen. It helps a lot in times of emergencies because important information can be retrieved easily.


All measures have been put in place to make sure that your documents are secure.

  • The encryption system used is the 256-bits, which is more advanced and better suited to safeguard documents as compared to the normal industry standard encryption which is 128 bits. It is even more advanced than the systems used by many financial institutions.
  • The servers are further secured using full server mirroring. It duplicates content which is stored in another offsite server center. This guarantees security in case anything happens to the servers at the primary data centers.

Customer Support

Customer support, via live chat help, is offered all year round at all hours to make accessing help convenient to all clients. New users are sent emails with customer support numbers and contact details. The staff is professional and is well equipped to deal with customer complaints. There are articles and tutorials at their website to guide and teach you about the service.

Upload Any Files

The system allows you to upload a file that is in any format. This is a highly beneficial feature. Most companies restrict the format types that can be stored in their systems. The size of an individual size has been set at 5GB; making it possible to store large single files.


Backing up data is fast and simple. It is convenient and favors all the clients who may not be able to handle a complex navigation system. The default back up folder is “My Documents.” The settings can be changed to any folder you wish.

It has a useful restoring feature that is fast and simple. The desktop application and the control panel menu can be used to restore documents. The files you want to restore have to be chosen, then the location that they should be transferred to selected. Once this is done the system will begin restoring the documents.

The program runs silently in the background, without slowing down your computer or interrupting your work. Alternatively, you can schedule backups.


MyPCBackup is a great backup service that gives you new and improved services and facilities. Its rates are cheap at just $ 4.95 a month, for a two year plan. MyPcBackUp is without a doubt, the best solution to backing up your data.

For further information, visit MyPCBackup.com.

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