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Mozy Review

Company: Mozy

Website: www.Mozy.com

Service: Online Cloud Backup

Ask anyone what their most valuable possession is and they will probably say their computer because of all of valuable data stored on one of their hard drives. Millions of people depend on their computers for work, play or school. This is where people keep their irreplaceable files, pictures and other important data they can not be without. Therefore, keeping this data safe is very important to both individuals and businesses.


Mozy is an online storage and backup company that keeps your important files safe and sound, so you never have to worry about losing any data, ever again. Companies like Mozy have the same functionality as external hard drives, except there is no extra hardware to worry about. Storing your files remotely has many benefits, like being able to access and edit your files from anywhere and the ability to share files quickly and easily with anyone you choose. Also, you never have to worry about losing any files if your hard drive crashes, gets lost or your computer gets stolen. With Mozy storage safe keeping your files you don’t have to worry about natural disasters destroying your files, either.

Features of Mozy


Home Plan with 2GB of Free storage space – Individuals can try Mozy for free, with no obligation to upgrade to a paid plan. You will get 2 GB of storage space absolutely free, no strings attached that you can use to backup anything you like, for as long as you like. There is no time limit on long you can use the free service, so there is no reason not to give Mozy a try.

Available for MAC users – Mozy can be used on MAC operating systems. This is very convenient if your office uses PCs, but you use a Mac at home. You can still access your files and complete projects or make changes if you need to.

Versions – Mozy keeps older versions of your files for up to 30 days. This means that if a file is accidentally overwritten or deleted, you can restore a previous version and nothing will be lost. Many companies will keep older versions for you longer, but 30 days is still pretty good.

Accessing Your Files

As with most online backup service providers, Mozy will backup your files automatically or you can choose to have scheduled backups at your convenience. You can change your settings to whatever suits your needs.

Transferring files is very flexible and you can pause and resume your transfer if you need to. Even locked and open files can be backed up, such as email messages you want to save and backup, but haven’t finished reading.

In your dashboard control panel, you will see how much space you have used up and how much you have available. Mozy continues to backup your data until you reach your storage limit.

Syncing Files Across Multiple Devices

Mozy allows you to easily sync your files across multiple devices so you can access them from anywhere, such as desktops, tablets mobile devices and laptops. They call this feature Mozy Stash. Mozy Stash files can be accessed with any type of browser, as well.


Mozy uses military grade security measures to encrypt your data and keep it safe from prying eyes and experienced hackers. Of course, the free service is not quite as secure as the paid plans, but still very safe.

Mozy Pro users are able to select the encryption method of their choice. You can employ either the company managed encryption, 448-bit Blowfish or the private encryption, 256-bit AES. All files are transferred over a secure SSL connection to the safe Mozy data center, which is monitored around the clock in case of fire or natural disasters.

Mobile Access

One of the best features about online storage is the ability to access your files from anywhere, and Mozy understands this better than anyone. That is why they have devised applications to support as many platforms and devices as possible. You can access your files using iOS (which is the platform used on iPod touch, iPhone and iPad) and on Android gadgets. The mobile application can be used to replace the desktop application which is used on desktop and laptop computers. This means you have complete control and access over your files stored with Mozy, so you can edit, view and share any file from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Customer Support

No matter how good a product is, there may be times when you need a little help. Mozy is easy to set up and super easy to use, but if you ever have a problem the Mozy team is there to help. From the web portal you can access live chat help with professional support technicians available to provide assistance in real time.

Alternatively, you can contact customer support over the phone. If you are the type that likes to help himself, there are several articles you can use on their own or in conjunction with video tutorials. Sometimes seeing a live demonstration is more helpful than just reading the instructions, even though the articles are very detailed and easy to understand.


Can be Very Slow

Compared to some other online service providers, Mozy can be a bit slow at times.

Customer Support

Although customer support was also a Pro, once in while there have been some issues with slow responses and not supplying adequate help.

The Bottom Line

The company has many years of experience, implemented many improvements and innovations over the years and remains one of the most reliable and trusted online storage solutions around.

Mozy is affordable on just about any budget, whether you need it for business or personal use, and with all of the cool features the company offers it is sure to meet your needs. If you aren’t ready to commit to a paid plan, give the 2 GB free plan a try. You have nothing to lose and you can store and protect loads of valuable.

For further information, visit Mozy.com.

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