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Ibackup Review

Company: Ibackup

Website: www.Ibackup.com

Service: Online Backup


It is not easy for a company to maintain their own servers. They need a large and dedicated team of technicians to keep the system secure and up to date. Regular network maintenance is also important. Downtime can cause serious problems for customers, therefore alternative servers are needed to keep the system running smooth, but this can get extremely expensive. Employing the services of a cloud computing company is much more convenient and cost-effective.

Pro Softnet Corporation has established itself as a leader in providing enterprise ready business solutions. The company provides software consulting services to an array of businesses, including many Fortune 500 companies. With many years of experience in internet and technology, the company has expanded into the cloud computing arena with the creation of iBackup. iBackup offers a robust online storage solution with advanced features to help you manage your backups more efficiently. Let’s have a closer look at what the company has to offer and why it is the company of choice for millions of users all over the world.


iBackup runs continuously and automatically to safeguard your data in case of a power failure or system crash. Data is sent over a secure connection to the company’s own data center. Alternatively, you can schedule backups to run at a time that suit your needs. In the control panel, you can modify the schedule and choose reporting options of the backup process.

Backups are performed in increments to help reduce excess strain on bandwidth usage. This means that only file changes are transferred to the data center. Delta Blocking Technology is used to detect changes to files. This method prevents your machine from slowing down. Having the full file and all other files on your hard drive backed up over and over again can cause slow downs and maybe some other network problems, and can affect your browsing capabilities.

The other features that set iBackup apart from other online storage service providers include support for popular databases such as the Oracle Server and the Microsoft SQL Server. In addition to these types of databases, you are also provided protection for system-related components with the ‘System State Backup’ feature. The system stores up to 30 versions of your files, which saves you a lot of frustration in case a file is accidentally deleted or becomes corrupted.

In case of a power failure or an internet interruption, a backup will resume where it left off. This prevents a lot of time and headaches because the backup doesn’t have to start all over from the beginning of the process. iBackup picks up right where it left off as if there were no interruption at all.

Easy to Use

The sleek graphical interface created by iBackup designers may look slightly intimidating at first glance. This is only because the system offers features you may not have seen in other online storage providers. But, once you get familiar with the applications, you will find it is really very easy to use. Within a few seconds, you will get used to the buttons and be able to configure the system to suit your needs.

The lightweight iBackup application installs quickly and easily. You are guided smoothly through the setup process where you can choose a private encryption key. This secret key is not known by anyone but you, so you must keep it in a safe place. iBackup employees can not retrieve this key if you forget what it is, and that means you will not have access to your data. The desktop client includes a help button which provides a straightforward method of setting up backup parameters and schedules with a step-by-step guide.

The web manager allows you to manage your account with any computer using any web browser. This means that you can share files, retrieve stored file versions, restore deleted files and access all historical information from anywhere. To make using the system easier for international users, iBackup is available in multiple languages like German, Japanese, Italian and Chinese.


Online storage providers know that security is one of the most important aspects of storing data in the cloud. iBackup understands this. That is why the company uses 256-bit AES encryption and a private, user-defined encryption key. Even if hackers do break into a transmission, the data will appear as a jumbled, undecipherable mess.

The data is transferred to multiple world-class data centers which are equipped with raised floors, HVAC climate control systems, advanced smoke detectors, and around the clock surveillance and security monitors. Additionally, files are stored in duplicate at another location for extra security. This means that if disaster were to strike one location, you data will be safe and secure at another.

Customer Support:

Customer service is available via the support hotline during the week for users all around the world. The company also provides live chat help professionals and tech support that is always available. If you are the type that likes to help himself, there are various manuals, troubleshooting tips and step-by-step instruction guides. User manuals are complete with screenshots to better demonstrate what the information means. iBackup also offers a community forum where users can interact and help each other.


The iBackup architecture has been carefully designed to take into consideration the growing memory needs of users. It is a premium company that offers secure, reliable online storage space, automatic backups, remote access from any computer and seamless sharing solutions for individuals and businesses all over the world. The advanced features may seem a bit of overwhelming for novice users, at first, but with very little practice, anyone can use the system. Prices are competitive – normally starting at $9.95 per month for 10 GB, but the company often runs special promotions, so if you aren’t ready to sign up right away, check in often to grab yourself a great deal. If you want a complete and dedicated online backup and storage solution, iBackup is a great choice.

For further information, visit Ibackup.com.

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