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Backup Genie Review

Company: Backup Genie

Website: www.BackupGenie.com

Service: Online Cloud Backup Service.



Established in 2011, making it one of the youngest backup service providers on the internet, Backup Genie has risen to the top ranks very quickly. The company offers some of the best features you could ask for in an online back up service. With comprehensive storage products and a passion for technology, Backup Genie is constantly upgrading the services they provide, and breaking new ground every week. Their innovation is driven by the desire to develop the best product to make life for their customers as easy as possible.

Features of Backup Genie

For a company that’s only been around for a short time, Backup Genie quickly proved themselves as a top contender. They are now one of the best online backup services available. The program is very easy to install, and once installed, Backup Genie takes over to automatically and regularly back up your files. You are never bothered by the program with annoying prompts, it works away silently in the background.

The company not only provides customers with an affordable storage solution, but also the ability to sync files across multiple devices, share folders and specific files with friends, family and coworkers and stream music and video files. By using the services of the most renown company for safety and security, Amazon S3, every customer is assured of the most secure storage. To protect your files even more Backup Genie stores duplicates of your heavily encrypted files in various locations around the world. So, if disaster strikes one location, your files are safe and sound at another.


Plans and Pricing

You can choose from three plans:

1. 75 GB for $4.49 per month.

2. 250 GB for $6.95 per month – the most popular choice

3. Unlimited storage for $9.95 per month.

All of the plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have any problems or find that the service isn’t right for you, Backup Genie will refund your money if you cancel within 30 days. All they ask is that you complete a short survey so they can improve their services.

Speedy Backups

The company is continually looking for ways to improve their service. Recently, they released an update designed to increase the speed of backups. Independent user tests show that Backup Genie comes in at about 250 Mbps, compared to other backup providers that have speeds around 190 MBps to 200 Mbps. Of ocurse, this also depends on your internet connection, how much data you are backing up and what other programs you are running at the same time.

Configuration Settings

Installing the program is quick and easy. Aside from providing the best service, another main goal of the company is to give you peace of mind. They accomplish this by providing hassle free software. They have fine-tuned the program to take on all of the hard work, so you can just back and relax.

But, ease of use doesn’t stop there. Backup Genie can be easily configured to preform the majority of backup tasks automatically, alleviating stress for the novice users, while still allowing advanced users to tweak til their hearts are content.

You can choose files, folders, sub-directories, source drives, target directories, and whether the system should proceed with a total backup or generate the backup in increments. Scheduling can also be set up right off the bat, or you can set schedules later, as well as the types of files to backup and which you don’t need to backup. You are then given a log to keep track of which files are backed up.

Drag and Drop

The drag and drop feature lets you grab your files and drop them into the folder of your choice. This comes in very handy if you missed a file you wanted backed up, or if you created a new file you need backed up right away.

Easy File Sharing

Backup Genie is famous for its ease of use, and it certainly does not disappoint when it comes to the slick and easy manner in which you can share files and folders with friends, family and coworkers. All you have to do is log into your web portal. From the control panel you can select the files you want to share and the share option will appear. Click the share option and you will be taken to another page. On this page you enter the email addresses of everyone you want to share the file with, along with a personal message so the receiver will know what the file is about.

The people you sent the email to will receive a message from Backup Genie with an offer to join (if they don’t have an account). Your friends that have an account will receive a link to your file.

Customer Support

There is an extensive online FAQ section that covers every problem you come across. Additionally, there are video tutorials that guide you through common problems and email support, as well.


No Trial Period

Many people like to “try before they buy.” Sadly, Backup Genie does not give you this opportunity. However, this is mitigated by the 30 day money back guarantee. So, you can still try the service risk free, but you do have to dish out the money first.

Only Share With Other Users

You can only share files with people that have a Backup Genie account. However, the company is working on changing this.

The Bottom Line:

Backup Genie is on the cutting edge of technology and strives to continually improve the services they have to offer. The Amazon Web S3 security is one of the highest in the industry and gives customers complete protection against hackers. Files can be easily accessed with a variety of devices, including mobile devices, which is a must have in today’s world. There is no free trial, but with the 30 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose, so why not give them a try?

For further information, visit BackupGenie.com.

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